Urbact- 1st Invitation of Good Practice

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For the first time the new URBACT invitation is launched concerning the nomination of Good European Practice, following the decision of the URBACT III European Monitoring Committee!

Urbact- 1η Πρόσκληση Καλών Πρακτικών


We all are aware of the modern difficulties of the cities we live in, the ever-increasing urban challenges linked to demographic change, climate and environmental goals, unemployment, urban poverty, etc. As professionals of the urban environment, we are all looking for the right practices to overcome these obstacles.

The number of such practices, with regard to the URBACT program, is large and very diverse. When we say "good practice" we do not necessarily mean something big, innovative, proving excellence. URBACT believes that each city has "hidden" good practices of interest for other European cities. With the good practice transfer method, other cities are given the opportunity to adapt and re-use proven good practices without having to "re-discover the wheel", especially at the time when the scarcity of resources engages the public debate every day.

For more information:  http://urbact.eu/goodpracticecall

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