LIFE Programme: Green Infrastructure (GrIn)

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Promoting urban integration of Green Infrastructure to improve climate governance in cities


The main goal of the project is the integration of climate governance in the green infrastructure management at a local level through the establishment of a complete policy framework which will concentrate on UGAs. This project promotes urban integration which can be interpreted as the description of urban open spaces not as isolated units but as elements of urban landscapes which are of vital significance with their own special set of functions and contribution and adjustment at the mitigation of climate change.

The project focuses on the following goals:

  • Establishing a complete policy framework regarding management, monitoring and assessment of UGAs based on collaborative design and best practices in urban forestry, satisfaction of public values and promotion of urban adjustments to climate changes
  • Integrating and promoting European policies

  • Analysing and multiplying UGAs implications on climate problem in cities (thermal waves and heat effect, increased drainage during heavy rains, increased energy consumption for building heating / cooling)

  • Promoting integration of sustainable management of urban forests regarding adjustment and mitigation of climate change at the Covenant of Mayors and other EU policies

  • Improving the quality of life of citizens through the mitigation of climate change implications and multifunctional design of UGAs

  • Sustainable information of decision-makers regarding the necessity and benefits of taking action for the adjustment / mitigation of climate change in municipalities

  • Raising awareness about climate change and promoting the active involvement of stakeholders in order to mitigate their implications

  • Conserving nature and biodiversity and improving habitats regarding flora and fauna in cities

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