«Joint Water REsources management System for Long-term Efficiency» (WRESTLE)

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A large number of surface water bodies remain at less than Good Ecological Status and the adaptation of the Water Framework Directive requirements in the field of environmental objectives and efficient use has not yet fully proceeded in the CB area. Most of the problems mainly concern the control of the water quality, the water loss within the networks, the health hazards in cases of polluting incidents and the irrational use of water, mainly for irrigation. Since the CB area shares the same water resources and water management problems are of cross-border character, they require common approaches.
The overall objective of the project WRESTLE is to design and implement a Joint System in Greek - Bulgarian CB area for the sustainable management of the CB water resources available. The Joint System will facilitate protection of water quality/quantity and ensure efficient use in response to EU Directives and National legislative acts.

In the context of the project new methods related to water management will be jointly developed and adapted to the CB area conditions. Already developed and available information technologies will be exploited in order for project beneficiaries to implement a Joint system for monitoring water resources efficient use in order to minimize misuse/overuse of the resources or network leakages and prevent any other unpredictable failures of the current system that lead to a huge waste of resources at a yearly basis.
Moreover, providing a holistic approach beneficiaries will work together in order to analyze the cross-border existing conditions and jointly develop a common cross-border approach for sustainable water management contributing to the adaptation of the Water Framework Directive requirements. The project will provide CB competent authorities and involved stakeholders with a detailed policy guide both for short-medium term and long term achievements.

Project activities will include also the integration of successful approaches and best practices in water management by both sides.
Aiming at enhancing sustainable attitude towards water resources the project will also promote “green behavior” to targeted stakeholders and actors of the CB area through the implementation of an information and awareness raising campaign. The Campaign which aims at cultivating a responsible behaviour both in terms of efficient use of water resources as well as preventing pollution and quality/quantity deterioration will be addressed both to the general public as well as to specific target audience.
The project’s expected benefits include the conservation of water resources through the use of new technology, the reduction of operational and managerial costs of the drinking water and irrigation networks, the prevention of potential accidents and the increased citizens’ sense of security and safety.