Our People

Firm's stakeholders have tremendous experience and expertise in the field of economic studies, as well as planning, management and support of complicated projects. External associates have great involvement in the organisational structure and there is a stable and of permanent type collaboration in a multitude of projects.

SMR Consultant’s stakeholders have completed studies in various subjects which have been enhanced by postgraduate studies, seminars and outstanding work experience.

Education of SMR Consultant’s stakeholders constitutes a stable and permanent choice. Their participation in selected seminars in fields of their interest that take place across Europe are included in enterprise’s programming every year. This is facilitated by the company’s participation in various European projects.

In parallel with this, the firm employees a wide range of external associates, including professors of Greek and foreign universities with multiannual work experience, specialised in scientific subjects in fields of strategic and business planning, development and design of new products, promotion and support of new business forms and actions that promote and enhance innovation in a local and regional context.

Firm's stakeholders and partners support the reliable implementation of each project by combining multifaceted capabilities such as:

       ·         multifaceted consulting experience and expertise

        ·         high level of academic qualifications and in – depth theoretical training

        ·         clear and comprehensive knowledge regarding the way that the Greek Public Administration operates and the procedures followed, development and function of Institution and Programmes and European Union’s activities in general.

       ·         extensive experience in business research, execution of studies regarding entrepreneurship and innovation, market research, sectoral studies, financial analysis of enterprises, planning of development programs, execution of business and operational plans, project management and administration.

       ·         fluency in many European languages such as: Greek, English, French, Italian, German, Russian, Albanian and Spanish.